High CPU Usage!? High CPU Usage!? High CPU Usage!?

I'm a Participant Level 3 High CPU Usage!?

What is wrong with your website Each time I visit it my CPU goes up to 99% and my pc is screaming out loud. I have tried different PCs and it is the same story. Can't browse the site for more than 10 seconds. Each time I visit it, I feel the need to close it ASAP. It is really annoying Confused





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I find the website only really works well with Internet explorer.  Safari, chrome, and firefox all have issues. Try clearing your browser cache and retesting. If on a windows based device go with IE.

I'm a Participant Level 3

@Krispychik3n Yeah I noticed that too. I tried IE and it was running fine. The 3rd Party service they are using "Janrain" for social media login seems to be doing something fishy in the background. Hopefully not mining for cryptocurrency.

@Kbking I had a good laugh when I read this. More importantly I am glad you were able to get the website running smoothly.

@Krispychik3n I think you mean have issues with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. IE is the least most used web browser.

Hey @KAPABLE-K. I find that Fido' s website only works well with internet explorer. Thanks.

@Krispychik3n trust me alot of people complain about the issues they have with the website. I always use chrome and it works, sometimes it get issues to login but it usually always work. 

@KAPABLE-Kcool man. Im glad We both found ways to make it work.