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Fido Account canceled?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

My phone suddenly went out of the internet last afternoon. I have viewed My Account App like a week ago and there was no charge shown everything was fine, but when I tried today I simply cannot open the App any more under an internet connection.

I tried to log in through the internet and I finally discovered my fido account had a 192$ balance due on Nov 8th. This is really bad because when I opened the App it just showed the balance is 0 for like a week ago.

So I paid the balance yesterday online, but there's still just no service. After I just tried logging in online I found my access to my account is limited due to the account cancellation.

How is this happening? I received technically 0 notifications except a strange message says "refund" titled as fido solutions, not through any familiar service numbers I know (eg. 222, 333, 473-5 etc.). When I clicked into the link and couldn't do anything thus regarded as spam. 

This is all a mess to my life now. I cannot use my phone for the following days.

I need solutions to the following things:

1. Why is my account canceled and how can I recover the services as soon as possible.

2. Why is the My Account App on iOS not even opening? Why is my account balance shows 0 and sends no notifications until the due date passed?

3. What is the refund for? Is it true or spam?




Hey @Yimin! Welcome to the community. 


The message you received is not from us. We will never send a text message or email to give you a refund. It's really important that you don't click on the link. As for what is happening to your account, we'll need to access it to give you answers. 


We will send you a private message from here. See you there!