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Downgrade to $39 20GB plan

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Existing customer since 2009

want to downgrade plan to 20GB for $39.00 from 30GB for $48.00

no plan downgrade for my existing line

called in *611 and no option to take advantage of $39.00 plan

customer service said i can add-a-line with the $39.00 plan and then cancel the $48.00 line

it would cost $60.00 if done over the phone or $0.00 if i do it online so i put in cancel line in 24 hours for $48.00 plan

i attempt to add-a-line online order but always run into error at last step 'sorry something went wrong'

refreshing many many times i got the same error

attempted to change begin dates, different phone number options, pickup locations, delivery option, nothing worked

attempted to create a completely new account, credit check complete, again error at the last step

tried same change in options as before and still the same error.

called in to customer service, said conflict is carrying over my existing phone number. not possible because i tried new phone number option, still same error,

went into my-fido-app and not it says my credit card is not verifyable

went into my credit card app, shows $500 credit available, and 2 temporary transactions by FIDO $0.00

After three hours of trying to stay with FIDO, i gave up. i switched carrier who has the same offer. Transaction complete in less than 5 minutes.

Why FIDO would you do this to a long time customer??? rhetorical question.