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Disruption of wireless service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

For what turned out to be from 10pm the day before until roughly 8pm the next day of celluar service not working to recieve a 1 day credit to my bill! Is this a joke? Needing cellular service to work, cost me a days worth of wages that pays for more then a months bill cost @ taxes included $165.00 and all I recieve in contruibution is a few dollars. 

The joke of it is disgusting and insulting with the act and Rogers selling the idea "look what were doing and yes thinking of you customer. See how much we value your business!   More double talk sold for the everyday lacking individual to be fooled. Accepting long short of equalled resolution of fairness. It was never the customer to choose what the provider of service decided. We pay for a service and expect it working as thst is what was paid for! 

insulting beyond by playing the act that is sooo short. 




Hello @VitaminD,


Given the outage was not a good situation for many that depend on their phones for business, Fido can only compensate you for the day/s of no service.


When accepting service from Fido as with all the carriers it is part of the terms we accept for the service, under Fido terms of service section 9b which can be found here it states the following.


Outage Terms.jpg