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Difficulty getting early cancellation charge refunded as part of an offer

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently called Fido to fix a billing issue on an old account and was offered the option cancelling the last four payments on my current phone contract if I sign up a for a new contract and take on a new phone. In the new contract, there was an early cancellation charge. I was advised more than once that I could be credited on my second or third bill.


I just received my third bill since the contract change and I am still waiting for $100 credit. My old phone was an iPhone 8 and it was in great shape. I only took the upgrade because I would be continuing to pay the same amount for the phone than I was in the past.


I feel a little let down by Fido because the offer was not in writing though I have chat screenshots from the live chat confirming the removal of the early cancellation charge. I upgraded my account based on a promise and it does not yet appear to be honoured. I would have upgraded my phone eventually. I just upgraded early because of the offer.


Confirmation that this is common practice and I have no concerns about my money being returned would be appreciated or contacts information of someone who can hasten the refund would be helpful. Generally, I am happy with Fido, but I am not happy with unkept promises.


Good morning @legojenn , sorry to hear that you are having a refund issue. I'm pretty sure that you will have to contact customer support through one of the methods mentioned Here to let one of the account representatives take a look at your account. I do hope you get it resolved. All the best