Device protection scam

Device protection scam

Device protection scam

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Device protection scam

My wife paid for this device protection plan for full year. She cancelled the plan and to her bad luck she drop the phone 2 days later. I thought if you pay the monthly premium, you are protected for atleast that month. No says fido. 

All we got was pretty much sorry for your loss and thanks for the money.

Feel so stupid to pay almost $140 for nothing. Save your money and buy yourself a good screen protector and phone case.


Hey @Athandi,


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Sincerely sorry to learn about the misfortune with your wife's phone, it's definitely an unfortunate situation! Sad


I really wish there was something that we could've done, however, the coverage by the Device Protection ends at the moment that the option is removed. If the protection would've been removed at the end of the cycle only, then the phone would've still been covered for the entire duration of the ongoing cycle. If the protection was removed on the same day that the request was made, then consequently the coverage also ended immediately. Note that you also stopped being charged for the service right away and received a partial refund on the fee for the number of days in the cycle that you no longer had the option. 


This being said, I'll be more than happy to take a second look into alternative options with you for a new phone. Let me know if you'd like that and I'll send you a PM.


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