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Data breach

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Someone from fido itself accessed my data and passed it over to their friend ..i wanted the employee id to be checked who shared my data this highly unprofessional.


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

How are you so sure of this? Or are you just passing blame because you don't understand what happened?

Most likely, it's your own user error, as I just fell victim to this myself.


DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORDS FOR EVERY ACCOUNT. Get a password manager if you can't remember. If one company has a data breach (i.e LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, etc) and you have an account with the same email & password matching one leaked in a data breach (which, is a hack. an employee disclosing personal information is fraud, not data breach)


Somebody was able to get into my account and order phones - because the password I CHOSE TO USE was leaked in another company's data breach.

Hey @jogrady1 , wow how fortunate that you were able to catch the shipment before it was delivered to the hacker's address. Hopefully, someone followed up to investigate the fraudsters. Thanks for sharing your story with the community. Great advice for everyone to safeguard and use unique passwords for all their sign ins. 👍 

Good morning @Prabhjotkaur1 , that's a highly unusual thing to happen. I don't think Fido account representatives are able or allowed to do that without consent from the account holder. Are you sure someone else hasn't accessed your account? This should be reported to Fido by calling *611 or using any of the methods of contact Here 

I hope you are able to resolve your issue