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Contract ending from outside of Canada

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I want to end my contract from Japan. I tried to call them to talk about, but the system didn't work. What should I do? Can I end my contract only by the internet? If the plan continues and offer me to pay, can I reject ?




Hello @798159018 and welcome to the Community.

Sorry to learn that you are planning to leave Fido. To stop your service, it will be necessary to contact our customer service.


We did have a system maintenance yesterday. Our representatives couldn't do transactions at that time. The system is back up now, so you should be able to reach a representative without a problem that will be happy to take care of your request.

Our contact page is right here.


We can also send you a PM here on the Community to take care of everything. Let us know what's best for you. Smiley