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Confused with fido online account

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello!  First time ever with Fido.  Please help me understand my "fido" situation.


Today, I went to Walmart in Georgetown to port from Public Mobile to Koodo for the Black Friday special - $45/mth, 50gb plan with free iPhone 11 and no activation fee.  3 customers (including myself) were being served at the sametime and all 3 requested same plan/phone.  Unfortunately, Koodoo's system was down.  We waited 45 minutes until the manager offered all 3 customers same plan/phone to Fido (basically "price match" is what he said).  We all accepted.  Everything went smoothly and fast.  When i arrived home, i registered for online account.  Very surprised and confused to see different plan and 24 month fido installment plan to pay off iPhone 11.


Offer at Walmart:  $45/mth (for 24 months), unlimited talk, international text, and 50gb DATA.  Free iPhone 11.  $350 Walmart GC.  Free Activation.  Free SIM card.  (All to match Koodoo offer)


I received $350 Walmart GC.  I received free fido sim card.  No activation fee was charged.  I received iPhone 11 in sealed box by manager.


Online account (once I registered) shows $65/mth plan, unlimited talk, international text, and 20 gb DATA.  Also, $29.12 + HST per month iPhone 11 payment installment plan for 24 months.


I went back to Walmart and the manager said not to worry since promo codes were entered into my account.  With Koodoo and Public Mobile (where I had service originally), they always showed the correct data, monthly price, etc. 

If first bill shows this incorrect price and data plan and phone installment, I don't have any hard copy documents to send to fido customer service agent to prove the offer and to correct things. 


My question:  should I go back and ask for hard copy documents?  Or is the manager correct to not worry?  Could someone chime in and help me? 


I don't know what to do since I have never been in this situation before.


Also, I'm travelling to USA in Dec for 3 months, it will be difficult for me to correct anything (if billing error pops up).


Thank you!


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I got this offer on the official Fido website and have the same issue. Recently I am contacting with a Fido specialist. He told me that "I would clearly like to inform you that this is not a fido official website. We have not offered $20 discount which can be added online. I strongly recommend you, Please do not believe on any third party websites." I will take a look in redflagdeals forum later.


Hello @revved2save,


Welcome to the community!


I would suggest you contact Fido's customer service directly and they can review your plan details and confirm what you have is what you signed up for if not they can advise you on what can be done. 


Since you did the activation at Walmart they should have given you a printout of the contract or the very least email it to you, I would suggest you go back and ask for a copy of the paperwork.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



Thanks for the advice.  I tried getting in touch but wait times are brutal right now.  I will try again tomorrow.


I have learned via redflagdeals forum for black friday deals that there are others who are in the same boat as i am.  A few mentioned calling CSR and getting things corrected.  Others state that CSR told them correct info will show after first or second bill.  I will contact CSR tomorrow and try to straighten things out.


I checked my online account.  On friday (first day with Fido) showed 19.48 GB remaining out of 20 GB.  Yesterday, it showed 19.99 GB remaining out of 20GB.  Today it shows 19.88 GB remaining out of 20 GB.

On friday and saturday, balance showed $0.00.  Today, I have a balance of minus $56.65 (-$56.65).  Hope things are not too messed up.


I will also return to Walmart tomorrow and see if they can provide me with hard copy documentation of the offer I signed up for on Friday.