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Complaint regarding bill

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3



Iam writing this in regards to complain about FiDO



we baught two Fido plans one with 45 dollars a month and second 70 dollars with phone  two years ago


when we bought this they never explained us that this contract is for two years and after this I will be charged without notifying 


my two years got over and Fido gave me bill of 870 dollars for using over 


in fact I was never notified over email or any other mode in my account for this as rest updates I easily get through email


secondly they even didn't notify me about 70 dollars planks agent said this will be two year contract for phone after two years we will not pay for phone 

he didn't mention anything about this plan 

when I called Fido they say they didn't charge anything for phone 


Iam really surprised with this if they did t charge anything for phone then why would I use 70 dollars plan for two years 


iam serious unhappy about FIDO using customer and charging them without notifying them

I have many friends who are using Fido 


I would notify them too about this pathetic service by Fido rendered to Ian's charging huge amount 


I want solution of this asap

why I was not notified initially about this contract for two years and why I was not notified after two years 

it should be under the Discreation of client to  whether opt for service or not 


I would recommend everyone not to use Fido at all they are just taking money out of clients account





Hey @chans007,


All our financing options are on a 24-month agreement. Keep in mind all the information can be found on your agreement you received when completing the upgrade. With that said, we'd be happy to take a look at your account with you in order to see what's going on. I will be sending you a PM as we speak.


We hope to speak to you soon!😀