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Charged for roaming while in Canada

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello, On Jun 18, 2023 I was in Ontario, Canada. However was charged for roaming. Please return money. I'm trying to resolve this issue many times spending more than 3 hours of my time. Therefore, please connect me with your manager to request 100 cad as a compensation.


Hi there @igorko12345 ,just to let you know that this isn't the right venue for customer support requests. We're a fun loving community of fellow fido customers offering information about contacting customer support, tips and tricks that we've discovered and sharing our collective knowledge. As for your roaming charges, you will have to contact Fido support through one of the methods mentioned Here. Only people authorized to access your account information will be able to assist you on this. I do hope you're able to get a resolution. Cheers