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Cannot speak to an agent

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been trying to get through since last Friday without any success. I woke up early just to try again at 5:06am. Still waiting.  LIve chat doesn't work either.  It can't place me in a queue.  Not sure how else I can speak to an agent.  I have been a customer over 25 years and I want to see if you can match an offer.  Since I can't get through regardless of how hard I try, looks like I will just switch provider.  This is worse than trying to get through to the airlines.  With them, at least they give me a call back option.  I don't have all day to sit by the phone to wait. This is absolutely unacceptable!


Good morning @jenn31,  sorry you're having trouble connecting with an agent to discuss your plan. Have you tried contacting fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook?  I usually go the Twitter route myself as I can then carry on with my day and converse by direct message with someone. It's always pretty busy, so Twitter might be a good alternative for you. Cheers