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Cannot Make Outgoing Calls

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi There,


I just discovered I cannot make any outgoing calls or send texts. I work from home and need this line to work.


I cannot call Fido as this is my only phone, the Live chat is not working and there is no email contact.


Not sure what I am to do?


Can anyone help with this?


I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

I’m from Hamilton, Ontario and my cell phone started acting up intermittently around 12:00am last night. This is similar to what most people are reporting right now.


Defiantly is not a device issue especially when multiple people are reporting the same thing. I have a perfect condition IPhone 11 Pro Max that I pay $140.00+ per month for on my plan. I rely on this heavily for work and communication during these times with Covid happening.


This is absolutely ridiculous! As soon as Customer Service opened at 8:00am I called from my home phone and have been on Hold ever since for 1 hour from my Bell Landline.


No Data, No incoming or outgoing calls, can’t call *611 for customer service... nothing.


Stopped by my parent house after my night shift to see if my mothers cell phone was working as she’s with Fido and has an older IPhone. Nothing, hers is dead as well.


** New update: After one hour on Hold I finally got ahold of someone. They said there’s a CANADA WIDE OUTAGE. Technical support knows about it and they have no other information on when it will be fixed**