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Cancellation and improper collection

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I arrived in Canada on 11/12 and at the airport indicated to me the Fido chip I made a plan of $45, two days I went into the fido site and made my plan change to a $50 and on this invoice that arrived hj day 15/12 is being charged the two plans ... being that you guys sent an email informing me that the plan of $45 had been canceled and replaced by the $50 and also that cancels my account and get the refund for the days that I will not use the plan


Hi there @Mariagauer sorry to hear that happened to you.  You need to contact Fido's customer support to have that sorted out for you. Customer service representatives are the only ones who can access your account.  See HERE  for ways to make contact.   All the best 👍