Can't send SMS

Can't send SMS

Can't send SMS

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Can't send SMS

My wife phone is a Samsung J5 2016 and Im using Samsung S7. She bought a Vodafone bundle coz she will be on holidays in her country of Albania. She tested her SMS to me at her home n the text went through. Now that she is away and keeps getting failed send messages. I put my Vodafone Sim card in my phone and received her text but with Fido sim card I don't receive it. Can anyone help? Johnny-59


Hey @Johnny-59,


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I would just need a few clarifications about the situation.


Which SIM card did she have in her phone when she was sending you the messages, the Fido one or the Vodafone one?


If I understood correctly, when she sends you a message to the Fido number it fails, but it goes through when she sends it to the Vodafone number, is that right? Does she have trouble sending the messages to any other Canadian number or just yours?


Also, is she using the embedded SMS app or a third party app to send the messages?


Let me know Smiley