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Call i didnt make

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Yesterday , i had a strange problem , my iphone made calls to india number on its own . I read about this problem with iphone on internet -- .

I am not sure what settings in iphone caused this, i am yet figure that out. But my question to the fido cummunity here is , why did fido allow these calls in the first as i am not subscribing to these calls through my plan . In my prepaid connection they get blocked , but if my connection is a contract based postpaid plan , they don't get blocked.


Also can you please let me know what are the charges i will be incurring for these calls ? 



Hello @chandrasekhar,


Welcome to the community!


Fido will not block calls to any number in the world that you want to call on their own, but if you can request a block on making international calls and then and only then Fido will block it for you.


Here is the calling rates for India, taken from here.


India Rates.png