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Boxing Day and processing time.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I decided to upgrade my iPhone from the XR to the XS max. On boxing day the phone was selling for $1.00/month and I thought it was great. Therefore I decided to upgrade it. So, I waited to get a confirmation about my pending upgrade then I see they are charging me $53/month tax included. I was so confused because I even made a down payment of $25 to decrease the monthly fee to $0.04/month. I am very disappointed. I am yet to call and speak to a representative. I just wanted to know if this happened to anyone else.


Good morning @MARIA2109 , sorry to hear that you are having higher charges than what you were expecting. Did you check your billing to see if the discount showed up on the pla charges?  When you buy and finance a device, the monthly payment doesn't change but, the discount is applied to the plan cost. This is done because if you were to cancel before the device is paid down, you will owe full amount remaining on the device. So check your billing under the plan amount and look for the monthly discount there. It still comes out the same way but as a discount on your plan. I hope that made sense,  if you need to clarify with customer support,  please see Here for the various ways to contact. Have a Happy New Year and be safe