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Billing discrepancy

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am new to fido, and so far I have been victim of billing errors from accounting team at Fido. For these issues I have contacted chat support (more than 3 times with 99 people waiting in front of me).  Also have asked for an Email address to reach support and help them identify the errors but have not received anything back from Agents. 


Can someone from Fido Billing team or Escalation team contact me for this issue ? 




There has been multiple billing errors from Fido on my account, for which I have contacted support but billing department has not rectified it.

Bill No. :  2374286754  -- Overcharged 79.33 (for cancelled account).

79.33 -- Refunded from American Express after filing Dispute.


Bill no. 2386130707 : Fido Incorrectly credits me $19.89 for cancelled Account


Bill No. 2397777791 : Fido makes false claims about returning -- 181.82$ and me paying 102.49$ on 18th November. (These transections does not exist in American Express Statement at All).

For same bill Fido has charged me : 25.00 (Return payment charge) + 2.38 $ Late fees. 


It is so ridiculus that I am being "penalized for the money (25 + 2.38) that has been overcharged from be 3 months ago.

1. Look at the accounting Details and rectify the error. 

Fido's accounting team has tried to cover up trail of billing error by stating made  transection on 18th November and asking me to pay the panelty for their mistakes. (to pay the late fees and reverse charge which Fido took from me 3 months ago). 



Incorrect Transections : 

Returned Credit Cards - Payment Received  (181.82 - -102.49) = $79.33

Returned Payment Charge -- 25

Late Payment Charge -- 2.38


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Definitely one to follow American Express chargeback formalities.  Even if you have to wait, they will claw the money back.  A company is not permitted by law to abuse anyone's credit card, charging for gooda or services not provided.  Enough filings and Fido will lose their merchant account.  I am not liking the irresponsibility I am seeing so far with this company! 


Hello @Vishvesh,


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you are having billing issues.


Since this is an account-related issue would advise you to call customer service directly and speak with someone, you can also take advantage of the call-back feature if the wait time is long.


Fido does not provide support via e-mail you can also contact them through social media please see here for all the different ways to contact customer service.