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Appreciating Fido

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I've been a mobile user for years and have used many different providers. I've never done anything like this before, but I feel compelled to express how great the service and customer service Fido is delivering.


I'm a new user coming over from another provider, and our relationship was short-lived. This provider delivered extremely poor customer service, using COVID19 as an opportunity to completely shut down all means of communication with its customers. While every industry has felt the pinch to its business, I appreciate that Fido still did their best to deliver quality customer service through these trying times, and they did. Customer service representatives respond quickly and efficiently. Well done.


Onto the service of the phones themselves. My device was delivered within days from when it was ordered, and any bumps along the way were clearly and concisely addressed by staff. When I powered my new phone up for the first time I downloaded the Fido app (I always use the provider's app for account management). Fido takes their service to the next level. Relevant, useful benefits offered every Thursday to customers; extra data every month; this, is how to separate your brand from the next and build loyalty. I don't know any other provider offering these kind of services.


The port of my old number couldn't have happened faster, and the correspondence I've had with staff whether it was over the phone or on social media has been fantastic. The plans are great too, and the website and app are easy to use.


I'm not influenced by Fido at all to deliver this message, I just had to. No provider is perfect, but this has been the best experience with one yet, and for that, I will be a customer for a long, long time.