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Actual payment and received payment

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi all,


I had an issue between my roommate, at 2017 he left Canada for vacation but he wanted me to pay his last month's bill and would give me when he came back. After he came back to Canada he said he forgot and kept saying on his billing date it is paid by April 30 2017, but on my bank transaction showed the payment deducted from my account on May 30 2017. That is my question. He is nervous about he does not have any bills on may, but he has the same amount on April's bill. I know it is such a long period of time, because he always traveling come and goes. How do I get back money from him? Please help me. I have his account number and payment reference number. 



Hey @sjg87

I can understand that it's important for you to get your money back.

The best thing here would be to find out what the balance is on this account.


Your friend can contact us anytime through our channels here.