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Account suspension ended earlier

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I'm an international student which due to COVID has not been able to come back to Canada yet and hopefully will be back in December. I had my line with FIDO which I had suspended prior leaving the country and was surprised to see that the suspension ended prematurely and I'm not able to suspend it any more as I cannot contact any live agent through ASKJACK. 


I'd love to keep using fido, but now I have a 3 months bill pending in the account of a phonenumber I couldn't use. Could I get some help from the support team on this issue?



Hello @wdasfdsg,


That's strange that the suspension would end when it was not supposed to, you would need to contact customer service in order for them to look at your account to see what happened and if you would like to extend the suspension you would still need to contact the.


Fido has many different methods to contact them even from outside of the country see here for all the different methods.