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12 years w Fido, 2 phones, why can't I upgrade now?

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2


I've been a Fido customer since 2003, first using the Nokia 3390 until it finally went out on me in 2011 (as some may attest though, it didn't really die- I just finally decided to get a smartphone). I then upgraded to the Iphone 4 which I've been using ever since.

When I called up the other day inquiring about an upgrade, I was told that I was not eligble for an upgrade even though I haven't had a contract in two years and I'd be willing to sign one for two more.


My question is, why am I not eligable for the same type of treatment that a new customer signing a two year contract is when I've been a loyal paying customer for such a long time? Is this the type of treatment that all long standing Fido customers can expect?


I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

That is strange. You should be eligible for signing up for a contract. 

I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

Did they say the plan you have is not eligiable?

Hey Fido2003.


Let's take a look at your account together to verify your upgrade options.


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into.

Talk to you soon Smiley