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Which Fido Modem has the best wifi signal?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I recently signed up for 150 down / 15 up.

Fido sent me a CGN3AMF modem with wifi.

Is this model the best Fido has to offer in terms of wifi strength?

If not, what is the best model for wifi signal and will Fido exchange this modem for it?

I find the CGN3AMF's 5GHz performance is weak compared to my previous Google Nest Wifi router.

To save money, I would rather sell the Nest router and use the free Fido router.


Also, if I use the Nest Wifi router and turn off the wifi in the CGN3AMF's settings does it stop emitting 2.4G/5G electromagnetic radiation entirely or does it continue to emit but not permit any device to connect to it or see the network ID?



Hey @CmdrData


We currently offer the CGN3AMF modem for our wifi services. Only the model we offer can be used for the services. 


If you have any inquiries regarding the current speed of your services, you can get in touch with our technical support team! 


They can assist you with this and answer your questions. 😊


You can chat with them or call them @ 1-888-236-FIDO (3436) directly.