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New to Fido Internet?

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey Community!


How are you enjoying your Fido Internet so far?


To make sure you’re in the know and up to date on all things Fido Internet, here’s some useful info for new subscribers:


  • Your Internet bill:
    • If you’re a Fido Mobile customer, you’ll receive a separate bill for your Fido Internet service.
    • Your first Fido Internet bill includes a partial fee for services from the date you first activated until the end of your billing cycle, as well as full charges for the coming month. This is the upfront cost of the service, but you’ll also see the charges you will pay each month following your first bill.


  • Fees you should take note of:
    • There’s no activation fee, no rental fee, and no installation fee if you chose our Courier option.
    • For the non-unlimited usage package: your over usage rate will be $1 per GB (up to a maximum of $50 per month).
      • You can check your usage on using Fido My Account. It’s very simple.


  • For pre-authorized Credit Card payments: The payments are processed 14 days after the bill cycle close date.


  • You’ll receive the following emails:
    • An order confirmation email
    • A shipment confirmation email (if you chose to have the modem delivered).
    • An email to register on
      • You’ll need to setup an email login, password and choose a few security questions.
      • Once registered, you’ll use the same email login to view all your Fido services.
      • If you are currently registered to the Community Forum you’ll need to re-register with a new username, in doing so your previous history on the forums will be lost.


  • If you have ported in your Rogers service:
    • If you provided your Rogers Internet account number during your Fido Internet activation, you won’t need to contact Rogers to deactivate your service(s). We’ll request the cancellation for you.
    • It will take at least 3 days to cancel your Rogers Internet.
    • You’ll still be responsible for the following with your previous service:
      • Outstanding charges
      • Prior contract commitments, including 30-day notice of cancellation and early cancellation fees (if applicable)
    • We’ll contact you if, for any reason, your port-in request is rejected.
    • Once your Fido Internet is activated and your Rogers Internet is deactivated, you can return the Rogers modem at a Rogers retail store. You can also call Rogers and arrange a modem return.


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