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Home internet customer service feedback

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Waited over 20 minutes to speak with a rep so decided to use the Chat rep... a waste of time.  Spent over 15 minutes online talking back and front telling of my issue with billing discrepancies and the Chat rep finally said "he could not pull up the details of my billing account, and to call instead'.  Yet, I had no problem whatsoever seeing all the billing details....nice Fido...after 15 years of being a mobile customer and then a home internet blow me off".  I finally left my Fido mobile with you in January, and my home internet will be next.  After Rogers bought out Shaw.....and the Rogers son became CEO, Fido is garbage and your lack of service is going downhill.  Your CEO and big-shot executives don't have a problem with giving themselves big HUGE bonuses and salaries every year.  You are very welcome as that's coming out of every single customer that you nickel and dime out of.