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Fido is now Rogers!! Pissed off 😠😠

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

As of June 3 if I don't take Rogers contract of 2 yrs I will have no Internet! I will not go back to Rogers! I am taking 3 cell phones and 2 home phones with 2 Internet packages to another company! CTRC got it wrong! They are forcing out Fido and now Shaw! Sick of Big Companies overthrowing everything @Fido @Rogers


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hoping you go to BCE = Bell...  Ma Bell needs the money... πŸ˜˜

Rogers was offering 2 months free back in January and 1.5 Ghz speed but I stuck with Fido...  now I migrated to Rogers but only got 150 Mhz and zero Free Months...  Oops.  2 year deal at $40 aint too shabby.  I was hoping my Cell Phone could handle internet Hotspot but it drains the battery / probably fries the circuitry?  Rogers gave me 50 G of data so my 25G data plan is now 75G (Boxing Day special)...  Good to see.  This new Rogers Box = Generation 3 gets on-line very quickly...  compared to my old Fido box takes 5 minutes to heat up (broadcast Wifi)...   I shut it down overnight (UPS battery).  Power interuptions on the Grid use to trip off my Internet Box... but the Web just keeps on humming along.    Anyhow my S7 phone must use 3Ah (battery) x 3.85V in 10 hours or 12 watts...  Rogers Wifi is 55watt per hour x 10 hours = .55 kilowatts x 365 days = 200 Kilo-Watt-hours in a year?  vs 12W x 365days = 4.4 kW-hours.  Rogers or Bell are going to be out of business if a Cell Phone can be your Hot-Spot = Wifi...  it's just a matter of time.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Obviously the goal here is to move 182,000 $70/month Fido internet customers to Rogers at $140/month.

That's an extra $12,000,000 a month for Rogers/Fido ($150,000,000/year).

How many customers will move their Internet AND cel phones elsewhere ?

Considering that each cel service is as pricey as one Internet service,

if they loose entire households, they may need to keep 80% to 90% of those Fido customers.

This could turn out to be either a windfall or a disaster for Rogers/Fido.

It will be interesting to see.

Hello Donaldaedward,


  Welcome to the community!


  Or, they could be consolidating services to reduce operating costs... Streamlining service options could reduce overall costs for customers or at least reduce cost increases.




Hello @Gma1,


If you are not aware Fido is owned by Rogers so you have been under Rogers all along.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

No Fido was not Rogers when I went there. I left Rogers about 20 yrs ago before Bell and Roger were allowed to buy any competition. Rogers now owns Shaw which I am leaving for just streaming services! CTRC got this **bleep** wrong! The 2 biggest companies are stopping competitive companies. They just buy anyone trying to cut away from the big 2 

Hello Gma1,


  I understand many people like to hate on Rogers. However, they often don't acknowledge what good Rogers has done for Fido customers. I, too, was with Fido prior to its acquisition by Rogers.


  If I remember correctly, prior to being bought by Rogers in 2004, Fido was only a GSM (2G) provider. Fido customers are only able to avail of cellular data and Home Internet because of their relationship with Rogers. Without Rogers, the last 20 years would have been a very different mobile phone experience -- no '3G' or LTE. While we may have been with Fido before Rogers, we have more than likely benefitted from being under the Rogers umbrella (now Fido Solutions) for quite a while now. 


  Yes, Fido is no longer offering Home Internet services. However, the service had always been Rogers' Home Internet, just rebranded as Fido.


Hope this helps πŸ˜€



@Gma1 A bit of history Rogers acquired the then Microcell in November 2004 and later changed the name to Fido shortly after, so you have been under Rogers all along is what I'm saying.


I agree with you I've always said that CRTC does not look out for consumers and they are just useless and are pretty much in the pockets of the big 3 that's why we have no competition, the big 3 create a bunch of smaller brands to make it look as if we have competition.