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Feedback regarding technician

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I am not sure whether I am leaving feedback in the correct place.  Recently, I had an internet connectivity/speed issue.  Contacted the Fido Internet Technical services line and was the representative was very helpful and helped me troubleshoot the issue and end of the troubleshooting she was kind enough to replace my modem and booked an appointment for the technician to come and have the modem changed.  


Long story short, the tech arrived the same day at 4.20 PM (appears to third party contract personnel) telephoned me and asked me to come out and he is waiting outside.  When I stepped outside expecting him outside, however, he was not outside of my home, so I called him back saying that I am outside of the home, and he replied I am waiting inside my vehicle on your left, you can come and get your modem, I was surprised still obliged and went to his vehicle which was parked 20 - 25 feet from my entrance.  He was sitting inside and was checking something on his laptop and after waiting a couple of minutes, he gave me the modem saying that go and plug it in and let me know in this number that it works fine?  Is this how usually Fido Techs troubleshoot and help the customers?  I am not sure.  


I had an issue earlier, the tech came inside the home and verified and offered to change the modem if required (during the covid).  


I was not expecting this from Fido Technical guy.


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi mrraffu!

Thanks for the feedback,your situation is very special. I don't think a fido tech do things like this and installation like this. 

You can fill a complaint with Fido. I think fido can send another technician, or give u a credit or something for the bad technician service. Normally Fido technician are great guys, and can do a professional installation. Smiley

Have a nice day Smiley

It's been a pleasure to assist you today,

if u have more questions i'm here to help you. Smiley