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Extra payment falsely charged

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I cancelled my account in August to move to another carrier and already have paid my bill for my last month with you. However, I was quite surprised to be charged again in October and subsequently in November and this month. Why is this happening? I can't even get through to your customer service this is making me feel pretty helpless. Should I just not pay?


Hi @lchk , that would indeed be frustrating. If I can suggest that you contact Fido customer support to have this looked as the forum is just a forum (as wonderful as we all are in the community) we don't have access to anyone's account information. Here  are ways to contact Fido's customer support team, or you can reach out to fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook to discuss via direct messaging. I do hope you can get your account resolved. All the best