I'm a Participant Level 2


I just opened my new work email address on

I couldn't send emails and contacted GoDaddy for help.

After researching, they found that the problem was that I was blacklisted and needed to change my IP.

Now the questions are:

1. How is it possible that Fido put me on the blacklist, but I don't know about it

2. I have been waiting (1-888-481-3436) for your answer for 36 minutes and listening to endless stupid music

3. I was answered in 36 minutes. When I explained the problem, I was redirected to the technical support (what is was before??) and my new waiting time is between 32 and 46 minutes. So, I am on call is already 1 hour and 9 minutes. Music was changed. Thank you

4. In 1 hour 28 minutes I was answered. After my explanation, I was redirected to the Home Internet Support. I started to think about changing internet provider....


Hey @Burekas like I said it's not guaranteed, you will have to get Fido to do it or ask GoDaddy to remove the IP address from their blacklist. 

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Fido was not the one that blocked your IP address, GoDaddy is the one that has blacklisted the IP I'm sure once you get through to Fido they can change your IP address or you can ask GoDaddy to remove the IP address from their blacklist since you are a paying customer.


You can also try doing a factory reset on the Fido modem it is possible to change the IP address that way also, not guaranteed but possible.

I'm a Participant Level 2

modem resetet. nothing changed

I'm a Participant Level 2

5. 1 hour 49 minutes. Waiting for answer from Home Internet Support....

6. 2hours 23 minutes. I was redirected to another person from technical support