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All-in-one modem/router versus the traditional separate modem and router

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am currently using Rogers internet service, which has a separate modem mounted in basement where my electrical panel is.  The router is located on main floor of house.  I currently have Rogers internet 60 plan which for the most part is fine.  I'm looking to upgrade and move to Fido 150 internet plan.  My concern is Fido's solution only offers a modem/router all-in-one piece of hardware.  In this case it would be mounted in the same area (basement) of my current Rogers modem.  My question is without a separate router upstairs and closer to device use, what are the chances I'm going to have problematic, interrupted, internet service given this all-in-one solution is going to need to move through multiple ceilings, walls, etc.. to communicate with devices??


Yes I am aware of adding extenders to the network, but I've used these before and have never been satisfied with the throughput.  Looking for feedback from any network technicians or WIFI knowledge base



Hello @crinks0323,


If you have your own router and would like to continue using it then you just have to set-up the modem in bridge mode and connect it to your router.


If possible you can put the Fido modem where the router is providing you have a cable connection close by or if you can run a cable to that location.