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Got a scam text after talking to a Fido rep

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I chatted with Sahil from Fido yesterday about my uneasiness to enter into a contract due to the problems the last Rogers/Fido outage caused me. This morning I received a scam text trying to get me to go to a website to claim $50 due to inconveniences of the outage on July 8th. I have screenshots of the conversation about my uneasiness due to the last outage. Now, I feel I cannot trust Fido now to keep my information and privacy safe since the only time I have received this suspicious email was after discussing the subject with a Fido rep. Has anyone had the same issue with scam texts after speaking with Fido reps?



Hey @Terra_B,


We'll be happy to go over the situation with you. 


 There are several ways to reach customer service:


 - On the phone (by dialing 611 from your Fido device), you will have a call back option instead of waiting on the line

- Via live chat on

- By writing us a private message on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).


Hope to talk to you soon. :grinning_face: