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Fido charged me $ 350 in data services

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I went to Brazil because my father was dying.

I only used one day the data Fido charged me $350 saying I was using the data every day since I have a Brazilian phone .

I contacted Fido all the guy said we will have to look into it and never gave me an answer.



Hey @mdaco,


We're terribly sorry for your loss.


We understand the surprise when receiving the bill higher than usual.


If the service is left turned on (meaning Airplane Mode is turned off), apps can use data in the background, which leads to your service being used and Fido Roam being charged.

Check out these links that could help with any Fido Roam questions! 

Understanding Your Bill after Travelling - Fido

How to use Roam Like Home while travelling - Rogers (


We'd be happy to look into this with you, please contact us here and we'll be happy to do so.