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Feminist contest?

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

So what is going on here?  Feminist colours contest?  What's next? Gay pride contest?  Then gender equality contest? FIDO stay clear of these subjects. I am not a Feminist, nor do I want to be, so the contest I need not enter. What do you have for us NON FEMINISTS (in other words real men) in this contest?  NOTHING!    I am not a JUSTIN TRUDEAU!  this is 100% Discrimination.  Better stop with this **bleep** while you can.  You are opening a can of worms. One for all and all for one

Do not bring diversity onto this platform.


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Hello Albert1956,


  Diversity is one of the hallmarks of Canada. I understand you might not be interested in entering one of the current contests. No one if forcing you to enter any contest which does not appeal to you. While you might not be interested in that particular contest, you cannot claim there were no contests which suit you. From your previous posts, you have felt at least one of their contests was deserving of entering. In fact, it appears you might have been one of the winnners of that contest. Congratulations!


  Not every contest is not going to suit everyone. That does not make it discrimination.


PS Real men can support Feminism




Ah, the fragility of humanity. We wake up everyday and put our feet on the floor. If we're fortunate enough to have both feet. We as  human beings, try our best to live our best lives without destroying someone else's. Sounds great doesn't it? Unfortunately it's still a work in progress. I wish everyone a terrific day and ongoing health and happiness. Just another person's perspective 😉 

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I'm Helpful Level 1