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Customer service is a joke lol

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was planning on cancelling my home phone land line & home internet with Fido back in Dec 2023. I cancelled the home phone but they gave me a counter offer for the home internet & had my service migrated to Rogers. I accepted that. Fast forward to Feb 2023 I'm still getting emails saying that I haven't paid my bill for the Fido home internet, but my Rogers internet has been set up & we have been actively using it since Jan 5 2024. I don't understand why my Fido home internet was not cancelled when my service was migrated over to Rogers BY FIDO. I only received an email confirming the Rogers technician was booked for Jan 5th, so I assumed that everything was sorted by Fido. 


I kept getting missed payment emails so I reached out to customer service via Live Chat, assuming this should be a simple fix as everything was/should have been documented via live chat since that was how I reached out previous times to set up my services. When I called I was transferred to 4 different people via chat because each rep kept transferring me to the wrong department. The 4th rep told me I had to directly call someone to get this sorted, I don’t understand why the 1st rep couldn’t have told me this? This entire processing of waiting on live chat & waiting each time I got transferred took about 1.5 hours.

I decide to call & I get connected to a rep, I explain the situation & mentioned that I would NOT be paying the bills because the internet should have been cancelled as FIDO migrated my internet services to Rogers. Before the rep even looked into my account he said that I may have to pay the 2 months bill if there is no proof that I asked to cancel my home internet… which makes no sense because FIDO migrated my internet service to Rogers AND I reached out via Live Chat. This call took another 1 hour of my evening.

Also just to note, this is not my first time reaching out to Fido after having my services set up. At the same time (Dec 2023) I also signed an agreement for a cell phone/data plan. I had to reach out another 3 times after this agreement was signed because the offer was not reflected on my account. It took multiple attempts to get this resolved because Fido was experiencing “technical issues”.



With all of that being said, Fido customer service is truly the worst that I have experienced. I’ve worked in customer service before on live chats & phones & Fido customer service is a joke. All reps seem like they are clueless. They have way too many departments & are constantly transferring their customers to different people like it’s a game. The second my request or question seems to complicated they immediately transfer me, no attempts at even trying to resolve the issue. They are extremely slow at responding & only read about half of the messages I send & are just overall very bad at communication.

Anyways, this entire experience with Fido has been a nightmare. This should have never been this complicated, & the reps need to do better when it comes to attention to detail so customers don't have to reach back out & waste everyones time. 



Hey @JennyL,


Welcome to the Community!

I'm so disappointed to hear that this whole experience has been very difficult and took way longer than expected to resolve. This shouldn't happen. We do work hard to get back to everyone as quickly as we can and make sure we don't miss anything.


We'll be available shall you need help with anything else in the future.