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Contest Suggestion: Finding Other Companies to Sponsor

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

My idea was along the lines of building upon the concepts of other companies such as Virgin Mobile that sponsors and gets sponsored by other companies to be able to bring additional advantages and bonuses to the Fido customer experience.

In my mind, it may be a deciding factor for other consumers to choose Fido and not another company. The sponsors wouldn't necessarily need to be better, but at least be there so consumers have the feel that they are receiving that slight "extra" push from Fido than they would from Rogers, Bell, etc.

This may seem like a cash grab, but I really do think it would make my experience, and the experiences of other Fido users, slightly more enjoyable. (Ex: "Oh wow! With Fido I get 2$ off my next movie purchase!" it's not alot, but it's more than enough in my mind).