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Complain against an agent.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


Im sorry this is a complain against an agent (Name: Harman, Interaction ID: I2155982446)

Do cx service agent has any right to hung up the call? My wife was on a call with an agent, that agent kept her waiting for a simple issue. That agent said to wait 30mnts my with patience wait but 45mnts agent responded and said she's going to take half an hour more. My wife asked how long you will take as its been almost a hour.  That agent said she doesn't know it might take one more hour. My wife said it's a simple issue you can at least let me know how long will you take, we can't stay on line for 2hours. That agent raised her voice and eventually hung up the call on our face. That's ridiculous!! If that agent can't solve the issue she could transfer the call rather keeping the customer on line for so long and hanging up. 
All I want Fido takes action against this. Our time and money has value a agent shouldn't treat a customer like this. Please I do request Fido to take an action as soon as possible and get back to us. 

a loyal Fido user.


Hi @Sazzad , sorry to hear that happened to you. To submit a complaint, go Here  and scroll down the page to report an issue or concern. Fill in the form and then submit. I hope you have a resolution.