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Combine the French and English communities?

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  I hope I do not offend anyone on either forum by asking, but how difficult would it be to combine the communities? I'm sure both communities have many of the same or similar concerns. The technology is there to translate. Having a single thread for those concerns and a translate button for each post would allow people to respond/read in the language they are most comfortable with.


  Even if people wish to keep the communities separate, I think a translate button for each post would be beneficial for all concerned. I have only posted occasionally in the French forum because I'm not fluent enough in French. I would love to try to help more on that forum and improve my French at the same time! Wink


  Just a thought... 




Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey Cawtau,


Great suggestion, and we can definitely see the added value. It would be great if each and every post was available in different languages.


Can't make any promises, but we'll take a look into the feasibility!


Thanks for the feedback! It's always welcome Smiley