Fido app log in error

Fido app log in error

Fido app log in error

I'm a Participant Level 2

Fido app log in error

Hello, I’ve just finished porting my families 5 numbers over to fido.  

Four of the phones has downloaded the Fido app and registered their numbers. All using iPhones.  


Every time I download the app and begin the process to register my number, I get to the point where I’m entering in the code that is texted to me.  

I keep getting this error



there’s a problem with the information that we’ve received and we can’t log you in.  Please try again later. “



Needless to say, I’ve tried many times with no luck.  


I am able to log in to the member section on and see everything.  



Thanks in advance!




Hey @Watt


This doesn't sound right.

What phone model are you using right now?


Also, you mentioned that every time you remove the app and install it again, it gives you this error message?


Let me know.



I'm a Participant Level 2




im using an iPhone 7+.  



Installed ok ok on my families

iphone 6

iphone 7

iPhone 7+

iPhone 8+



Yes.  I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that works.  I’ve also tried on wifi and on cellular 

I would like to take a look at your account to see what's going on.

There's a PM coming your way in a few minutes.

Talk to you soon !!