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Fido Myaccount error messages - Data bytes

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

Hello, currently don't have an internet connection at home, abusing databytes to download whole seaons of Supernatural on netflix.

When I tab into the my account app when it was on the current data bytes session screen it gives me two error messages, first that I'm not connected to the data network, then that I'm not connected to fido's network.

When I go back to the main page then return to the current session page, the info is updated and it's running properly.

I have the most recent app version as per google play, however I neglected a recent small update to the OS. Device is Galaxy A5 2017.

After my current spree I'll be updating the OS and I'll try again tomorrow to see if it does the same thing.

I'd send the screencaps, but I don't know how to do so from the samsung browser.




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey Kurt_Russell!


Looks like your Data Bytes abuse is going towards a good cause! Wink


Are you only getting these errors when you are trying to check your usage from your Data Bytes session? Do you notice any difficulty using your data when you get these errors?


Keep us posted on what happens after you update your OS!

Double-checked my OS through manual update option, it would seem that I already have the most recent version.

Since I haven't used the my account app much as of yet, I haven't really run into errors when tabbing from another app to Fido's, only happened during my data bytes session earlier tabbing into the current session info page.

I just checked my usage and it's in line with what was to be expected: data bytes is working as intended on my phone Smiley

I was more posting this since such an error message could deter people from using it, like getting that error message while downloading large files, freaking out, turning off their mobile data and never touching Data Bytes ever again.

Or they'd react by going on forums/facebook/twitter and "reaching out" to Fido through a varied string of expletives saying that it's all a scam/conspiracy to force people to go over their data.

Thanks for the update! Smiley


It's the first time I hear of this kind of message. Were you able to use the session normally? Also, did this happen every time you started a Date Byte session?

I just retested and realized that it was any part of the my account app in fact. I realized that it was because I didn't have background data allowed for the Fido app haha.

Happens to the best of us, Kurt_Russell! 


Thanks for updating us!