Your phone can read your texts!!

I'm a Participant Level 2 Meganesquib
I'm a Participant Level 2

Your phone can read your texts!!

Really useful tip OR just for fun too .. You can get your phone to read your 

text message for you and you can choose the "accent " you want to hear it in hehe

like Spanish,French,British and my personal fave Australian 

here's how Smiley 
Step 1: opening the Settings

Scroll down...... click  General - click  Accessibility

then turn on Speak Selection. Then scroll threw the

Menu of"accents". To speak words out loud, highlight any text (by double-tapping or tapping and holding on it), then tap the Speak button in the pop-up menu. If you can’t see the Speak button, tap on the  small right arrow on the pop-up menu, then choose Speak!!

sorry it's kinda confusing to explain but hope it works 

it's funny to hear a robot with a cool accent read your texts from serious ones to mean ones to downright silly!!



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