LG Android 10 tethering workaround

LG Android 10 tethering workaround

LG Android 10 tethering workaround

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LG Android 10 tethering workaround

I finally got a new Android phone this year. Upgraded from a Sony Xperia with 4.4 Kitkat to an LG G7 with 10. And completely lost the ability to use USB tethering. Hotspot tethering works fine. But that doesn't help when I want to USB tether to my ASUS RT-N66U router for my home network and be able to send online documents to the network printer. The router could identify the tethered USB device but wouldn't use it.

So off to Staples, and bought a ASUS RT-N12 for $25.

Configure as a repeater. Instructions are eezee-peezee

Run a cable from the LAN port on the N12 to the WAN port on the N66. 

Use mobile hotspot to connect phone to N12 repeater.

Everything else in the house now has access to the Internet through the N66 router..

60Mbps download speed.

Just like downtown except for the combine that just drove past the house. 


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Wow, that's an impressive workaround @thePoodleFarmer. Really creative, thanks for sharing


And congrats on the huge upgrade! From kitkat to 10, what a leap!