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If Your iPhone Doesn't Turn On or Is Unresponsive

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I'm helpful level 1

If Your iPhone Doesn't Turn On or Is Unresponsive


You wake up one fine morning and reach out for your phone like you do everyday to see the latest food pics that your friends posted on social media, but something's not right this morning. Your iPhone's screen is all black and no matter how many times you push the power button, it just won't. Light. Up. You pinch yourself to wake up from this nightmare, but you realize with terror that you're already awake. Don't throw your phone out the window screaming just yet because I might just have the solution for you. Try these little tricks and you might save yourself a few hundreds of dollars. You're welcome. Smiley
1. Recharge
Do you remember if your phone was still charged when you came home last night from that crazy night out with your friends? Before you do anything too radical, just try charging it. It's important to use an official Apple cable, because third-party cables do not work 100% of the time.
2. Hard reset
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: Press and quickly release the volume up button, then do the same thing with the volume down button.
Press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo, then release.
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press and hold both the power button and the volume down button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo, then release.
iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE and older generations: Press and hold both the power button and the menu button at the same time until you see the Apple logo, then release.
3. Hard reset connected to the charger
Repeat step 2 but this time with the iPhone connected to the charger (plugged in to the wall outlet).
4. Update in recovery mode
A) Turn off the phone if it's not off already. 
If it doesn't turn off, perform a hard reset but release the buttons as soon as the screen turns black.
B) Connect the iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes. 
C) Do a hard reset with the phone connected to the computer and iTunes open (see step 2), except don't release when you see the Apple logo, but rather when you see this screen:
recovery mode.jpg



D) If all goes well, a pop-up window should appear on iTunes and ask if you want to "Restore" or "Update" your iPhone. Click "Update". Accept the terms and conditions. Ideally, the phone will exit recovery mode after about 20 minutes and your data will be safe.
update recovery mode.jpg 
5. Restore in recovery mode
If it's been more than 20 minutes and the update still won't complete, well I hope you did a backup recently because things are not looking so great for your data. 
Unplug the phone from the computer and plug it back in after 1 minute. Repeat step 4 except this time select "Restore" when the pop-up appears. iTunes will then download a new OS in your iPhone and you'll have to set up your iPhone like new once the restore is complete. Yes you will lose all your stuff but hey, just a moment ago you thought your phone was dead! 
restore recovery mode.jpg


6. DFU Mode
If you tried everything and the phone is still unresponsive, you'll need to put it in DFU mode. This will allow iTunes to recognize it automatically when connected to the computer no matter the funk your iPhone is in. Follow this link to know how to do that.
7. Exchange or repair
Finally, if none of these steps worked and you tried to put your iPhone in DFU mode multiple times with no results, you'll need to start thinking about replacing your phone. Contact Fido's awesome support team to learn about your options.
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