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Cracked screen - safety tip

I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1

How many people have broken a phone screen. hands up.. yeah, lots of us.

I really shattered one bad on my old SONY, but the touch screen was still working so I kept using it. Hurt though when I would get a glass sliver in my finger. Ouch. Was also worried that moisture would get in, and it might die before I could get a replacement phone.


Dollar Store in the kitchen stuff aisle. Peel and stick clear shelf liner.

Unroll a piece. cut to fit the screen. Clean the screen thoroughly with Rubbing Alcohol and allow to dry. Peel off the shelf liner backing and apply. Use an over-limit credit card to squegee out any air bubbles. Your finger will still work the screen though the plastic. And you got a whole roll for $1.25 so if it gets scuffed or starts to peel at the edges you can change it out.