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Android: Make Your Phone Feel Faster

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

You can make your phone feel faster even if you have a cheaper android phone. To do this you need to enable developer option by going to About Phone, in the settings menu, and tapping Build Number a bunch of times, quickly. A box will pop up and say Developer Options Enabled. After this back out to the regular settings menus and scroll to the bottom and you will see Developer Options. 


In Developer Options only change the settings I list here.

Set all of these options to "Animation Off":


- Window animation scale

- Transition animation scale

- Animator duration scale


Turnign these off will make apps and just pop open, there will be no animation, meaning the phone will feel snappier. This is also good for saving a bit of battery life, no matter how small, becuase the processor is not activating as much to process the animations.


Alternativly, you can also make the animations extremely slow or extremely fast. 



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