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Why are pronouns important?


Hello Community!✌


Ensuring that you utilize ones pronoun is the best way to show your support to them and to validate their gender identity. The same way you use a name, a pronoun is a way to affirm your identity and your gender.


By using pronouns, it is a sign of respect. It is important to provide the opportunity to state the current pronoun as it is integral to who we are. Assuming someone's pronouns on factors like appearance can be harmful.


Gender should not be a rigid binary rooted in the sex a person was assigned at birth. We deserve to be validated and using the incorrect pronouns is a form of hostility, also known as a micro-aggression. Gender exists on a spectrum. By using the correct pronouns, it has a direct impact on well being and belonging and can raise one's self-esteem. 


Below you will find some examples of pronouns (there are a plethora) that may be used to affirm one's identity: 


Pronouns Picture.jpg


Knowing and using ones correct pronouns fosters inclusion and makes one feel seen and valued. Gender-neutral pronouns means you are not making assumptions about another person's gender and and or job roles. While pronouns are for everyone, with commonly used pronouns, (he/she) the impact on queer, gender non-conforming, non-binary and transgender people, these pronouns may not fit and cause discomfort, stress and anxiety.


Lets ensure we do our part in making sure that everyone feels heard, seen and respected.


Yours in Community,