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So I went to return my defective phone that I got last friday, but I don't have the box.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I'm not even sure that I was given a box, the guy took the phone out and put my sim card in then gave me a bag with all the accessories inside... I don't remember ever having a box, but the guy at the store assured me it was impossible because it's policy that they give a box for returns. Well he doesn't know for sure that I was given a box either he just let me know the policies on selling phones. The guy was very helpful in the matter and he said he would do anything he could without the box, but asked if I could please find the box and things could be dealt with easier. I'm going to phone him later and tell him no box.  So why did I want to return the LG Optimus X2? Well the phone shuts off constantly from "out of the box". I ignored the problem at first and thought it go away but no it didn't. The guy replicated the problem so there was no issue if the phone was defective or not. I'm mad that their problem is they sold me a defective phone, and I get all the blame because I persumably lost the box. Also the a search on the internet and you can see this is a very common issue with these phones, and some even filed lawsuits against LG.



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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2
I lost the box my mom remembers throwing it away

Hello Petersk,


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          It's very unfortunate that the equipment Box was thrown away. For a phone full return, the Store will need to have all the accessories that came with the phone along with the Box so to be able to take it back. It's rarely seen & heard that exceptions are given for such matter but whenever an exception is made just bear in mind that it's at the store own decision & discretion because it doesn't fall within the return policy.

         However, The device itself can be replace with the "SAME MODEL" whenever deemed defective. In that case the Box will not be needed since the Store will keep the new BOX along with the accessories included.