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Receiving MMS no notification to download

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Fido community!


Since I've switched to Fido, I have troubles receiving pictures by MMS. It doesn't happen to all the MMS I receive but it happens that pictures don't automatically download. Plus, I don't get any notification for new incoming MMS with a link to download the picture. Could that be related to the APN settings?


If this could help, my phone is a Nexus 6 from Huawei.


Thanks for the help!




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Hello @Linoii,


Welcome to the community!


Do you mean you have the Nexus 6P? because the Nexus 6 is made by Motorola not Huawei.


The problem could be APN related, you can verify your APN settings here. Also make sure you have the data enabled on the phone.


If your APN settings are correct and you still have this problem try doing a network reset and see if it helps, you probably might have to enter the APN settings after the network reset. 


If that still does not help then I would suggest a full factory reset.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thanks @KAPABLE-K!


I changed the APN settings as per the link you sent and I don't seem to experience the same issue yet. I wasn't sure if it was necessary to create a new APN since the APN by default was already named LTEMOBILE.APN...?


Yes sorry, I had also a Nexus 4, which was by Huawei. I'm currently using Nexus 6P.

Hey @Linoii


Were you able to figure it out, was the issue fixed? 

Keep us posted Smiley