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Porting a number from another carrier couldn’t be made more difficult

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently switched 3 phones to Fido from Telus. I am bringing my numbers. Apparently this has to done by a Service Specialist. It can not be done online like Bell and Telus have doing for 5 years or more. Ok, so now i have to talk to a specialist. Problem is that because of the "holiday season" "caller traffic " is higher than usual. The wait is 90 minutes. This ridiculous. Not even an option to request a call back. If this is how the treat people getting started what is going to be like once I am signed up. In the mean time I am paying both Telus and Fido. 



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I can not speak for Telus or Bell I'm not sure what options they give for porting a number but if they allow it through self-serve you have to understand Fido is a flanker brand of Rogers just like how Telus and Bell have their own flanker brands so the level of service will not be the same.


You can definitely port the number but as you are already aware a Fido representative needs to start the process. As far as I'm aware Fido does have a call back option It worked for me a few weeks ago when I called, if that does not work for you you can always message them over social media if that works for you. 


You can find the many different ways to contact them here.