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My data usage is 10-20x higher when using LTE, doing the usual.....

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Note: Before I opened up my iPhone 5, I was at about 1GB/6GB usage on my iPhone 4 (I had 3G turned on 24/7). My bill reset date is the 2nd


Ok I opened up my iPhone 5 at Sunday night around 10pm EST and I turned on LTE for about an hour or too.


Then on Monday morning, I turned on my LTE for another 3-4 hours maybe.


Then on Tuesday morning, I turned on LTE for another 2-3 hour maybe.


I check my data usage now, and its up to 2.5GB/6GB!!!! (that is only 2 day usage!!??)


I do the usual while I am on my data, email, light surfing, couple youtube videos. I know that does not EQUAL 1.5GB within less then 48 hours.


Before on my Iphone 4, I had my 3G turned on 24/7 and I used to use about 1-2GB/30days, now with LTE turned on for about 10 hours, I lose 1.5GB???? This does not make sense......


Note: I did the same thing I used to do when I had 3G with my iPhone 4


Anyone else like this? Or do I have to to go Fido Store and talk to them.



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hey haddad287!

One thing I would like to clarify is the following:

When LTE is Off, unless you also turned Off Cellular data, your phone still had access to the internet using 3G/2G.

Also, the data usage displayed on My Account is not always up to date. It can take up to 24 hours for the records to be collected, or until the phone is turned off and back on.

Therefore, it is possible that part of this usage was made while you were still using the iPhone 4 and that some of it was also made while using the iPhone 5 on 3G when LTE was off.

As for what used your data, we would not be able to tell you as it would be a breach of privacy if we did have access to this information. It is possible that there is an application for you to be able to track the data usage and see how it was used. You would have to verify in the App Store.

I hope this helps!