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LG G5 and Chrome Bookmark Sync Issue - SOLVED

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

1. Go to Apps>>Settings>>(G5)general tab>>About Phone>>Build Number. Tap 'Build Number' about 8 times) "You are now a Developer!"

2. Go to >>Settings>>Apps and click top-right menu then select 'Show system' or 'Show System Apps'

3. Find and open "" settings then disable.

4. Like with #3, select "Bookmark Provider" and... disable.

5. Open Chrome, sign out

6. Restart G5

7. Open Chrome, sign in, and make sure sync is on (may have to give passphrase)


That should do it. The two apps I mention that you disable in these instructions are not native Android apps and therefore block the Chrome app from working properly (basically).



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